Be Sure to Buy the Right Coverage


We are called weekly to meet with customers and their insurance adjusters to review a claim on their property and develop a plan to return the property to its original condition. Fortunately, most customers have replacement cost coverage but occasionally we run into an ACV (Actual cash value ) policy and MOST of the time the customer does NOT even know they do not know which type coverage they have ! There is a HUGE difference.

Much like everything else we buy, insurance comes with a lot of options. Just like everything else, you can go the economical route and give up a little quality and miss out on some bells and whistles, or you can pony up a few more bucks and get the whole shebang.


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Know Your Limitations


All too often we are called in by customers on jobs that have gone bad from the start. These jobs have often been worked on by remodeling contractors that never finished the job. Sometimes the customer has tried to self-perform by hiring subcontractors. However, normally, it is a result of contractors that did not have the specialized knowledge needed to provide this type of remodeling resulting from water, fire or storm damage. It takes special knowledge and understanding of the science behind this type of remediation and restoration and most contractors are not specialized in this type of work.  For example, smoke odor resulting from a fire does not just "go away" over time, but must be properly removed or sealed to eliminate the source. Often, general contractors may not be aware of this, causing you problems.   


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