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My husband and I cannot begin thanking Chris and his team from GRAP Restoration for the services provided to us. 

Chris was referred to us after services went wrong from another restoration company. He did not hesitate to come and speak with us and assess the damages that were caused from flooding in the house. Chris was very patient in explaining what needed to be done. He spoke to us with compassion and he could see our frustrations. My husband and I had gone through so much with him becoming ill during the pandemic and the fact that the flooding of our home happened at the same time. While my husband had recovered and we all were practicing social distancing, Chris did not let this alarm him.

He readily proposed a plan and gave us some recommendations as well. Whenever we called he would speak with us and he always had the same tone and mannerism, whether it was a weekday or weekend day when he was with family he would take the time to talk with us about concerns. He was just awesome, a great communicator. He realized our frustrations and just wanted to ensure that we were satisfied. 

He and his team became like family to us. The two people that did the pack out were just awesome. My husband was embarrassed with all the "stuff" they had to pack, they did it without judging and a great job they did. The restoration team were also awesome. Anytime we would come to the house to walk around, they did not mind talking with us, letting us know what was going on. They were professional and very talented

The end result was just mind-blowing to my husband and I. Chris handled everything, He coordinated with all the vendors that had to visit. Perfect timing. 

I would definitely recommend Chris and his team of GRAP Restoration to anyone. He is family oriented, cares about people, cares about his work. The best customer service ever. We greatly appreciate everything that he did for us. My husband and I stood the test of time as we had a flood in our home, he became ill, having to get another restoration company, air conditioning going out and myself as a nurse having to work long hours. We call Chris our Angel, he came in right on time. He and his team alleviated our anxiety.

I have thoroughly been satisfied with the services and would recommend he and his team to anyone. 

Eugene and Cynthia James
Home Damaged by March 2020 Flood in Albany, GA