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Our experts are here to help with any kind of loss your property suffers.

In the event that fire damages your property, our team members are swift to help you navigate the insurance claim and reconstruction process. We work alongside our clients so you can restore and rebuild as soon as possible.

If your home or property has been affected by water, our team members are here to help. Timeliness is critical when dealing with water damage. You can count on our certified, experienced team of experts to swiftly save your property from the detrimental effects of water.

Take comfort in knowing that if a storm strikes, GRAP is by your side. We have years of experience working in the aftermath of disasters, providing you with expertise in making sure that every bit of damage is fully accounted for and restored quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your home/business.

Mold is a dangerous and often invisible intruder--growing behind the scenes without any obvious evidence. As well as a being a source of property destruction, mold spores can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of those who are exposed to it. It is essential that mold be removed and its source eliminated as soon as possible.

Should you find yourself facing asbestos in your home or property, GRAP has the expertise to see that is it taken care of. Discovering asbestos can seem overwhelming--What is asbestos? How can I protect those on the property? What can I do to remove the asbestos? Our adjusters will help you understand the steps that need to be taken to restore the integrity of your property.

Environmental hazards can pose a threat to both the structural integrity of your property as well as put the health of those inside at risk. Combating these hazards is a highly specialized division of construction and restoration services that our experts provide. A combination of years of experience in the field with professional training allows us to provide you with the very best in the industry. Let us help you by doing what we do best!

Should your home or property face extensive damage, the thought of restoration can be daunting. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

Reconstruction after major damage brings a different set challenges from a new build. Buildings keep us safe and serve as places where we store memories--rebuilding such a place requires personal touch a attention to every detail.

Sometimes the places we love need a fresh look. Remodeling adds value to your property and makes it a more pleasant space to enjoy. If your home or business is in need of an update or change in design, GRAP is here to make it happen!