1. Inspect the damaged property to make sure the insurance claim is accurate and necessary.

2. Take digitized photos and video of damaged property.

3. Secure properly to prevent and further damages. (Tarp roof, board up openings, ect…)

4. Advise home owner in the steps they will need to follow to help ease them through their claim process.

5. Contact Mitigation Company if needed. (A mitigation company will dry out wet arias, clean fire smoke and soot damage items)

6. Immediately begin estimating damages using Xactimate estimating software.

7. After estimate has been approved by assigned adjuster or insurance claim representative, begin the restoration to the property.

8. Restore property using sub-contractors and GRAP employees that have been carefully selected for their skill, honesty, integrity and reliability. GRAP subs are not hired for just one job but are considered part of the GRAP Restoration family.

9. A trained and skilled project manager will oversee restoration to damaged property from start to finish.

10. After completion of restoration and full satisfaction from you as a homeowner, Grap will sign a guarantee and warranty good for 2 years.